IMPACT Wrestling Referee Daniel Spencer’s Thoughts on No Surrender

On Saturday, February 13 the next IMPACT Plus exclusive event takes place: No Surrender. Just today it was announced that there’s going to be a Triple Threat Revolver match, which is a revolving series of triple threat matches where three men begin, and when somebody is pinned or submits another man enters. Tonight, I interviewed IMPACT Wrestling Referee Daniel Spencer and got his thoughts on this one-of-a-kind match that’s making its debut at No Surrender, as well as Tommy Dreamer getting a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship on the same night, which happens to be his birthday!

As for the uniqueness of this Triple Threat Revolver match, Daniel Spencer told me that “it seems pretty cool, with all of the talent involved in that match.” He went on to describe them as an “amazing group of guys.” One thing IMPACT Wrestling is known for is being unique. Rather than do what everyone else is doing, the company chooses to innovate. This match takes triple threat matches to a whole different level, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like.

“Tommy Dreamer, with as long as he’s been in the business, I love when he shows us that he’s still got it,” said Daniel Spencer. “It’s like Tom Brady being in the Super Bowl this weekend, showing that he can still hang with the young guys.” Referring to Dreamer he said, “It’ll be interesting to see if he can pull of this title victory.” I’m with Daniel. I love Tommy Dreamer, and I’m thrilled that he’s getting a well-deserved title shot, and on his birthday no less!

On the January 19 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Matt Hardy shocked the world when he showed up with Private Party. On February 13 at No Surrender, Private Party gets a shot at the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Championship when they go up against The Good Brothers. This is yet another dream match come to life as a result of IMPACT and AEW collaborating, and I’m loving it! If you want to see whether or not the “Innovator of Violence” can get the job done or if AEW’s Private Party is going to pull off an upset against The Good Brothers, you need to tune into No Surrender on February 13, exclusively on IMPACT Plus.

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