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Kiera Hogan Leaving IMPACT Wrestling

Only July 18, Kiera Hogan, one half of Fire ‘N Flava, announced on her OnlyFans account that she’s leaving IMPACT Wrestling. Read on for more details.

Fire ‘N Flava went into this past Saturday’s Slammiversary as the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, but they were relegated to the pre-show, where they dropped the titles to Decay — more than likely because of Kiera Hogan’s decision to leave IMPACT Wrestling. Per her note, she did stick around for the TV tapings after Slammiversary, so Kiera won’t be off air quite yet.

I always enjoyed Kiera Hogan, and I wish her the best wherever she goes. If history has shown us anything, it’s that shining stars often wind up returning to IMPACT Wrestling at some point in the future.

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