Review: Callihan Uncensored

Today, IMPACT Wrestling released the first episode of Callihan Uncensored — a brand-new original show that is available through IMPACT Wrestling’s Ultimate IMPACT Insider YouTube membership and IMPACT Plus. Is this show any good? Read on for my thoughts!

The opening segment of the first episode of Callihan Uncensored is hilarious. The exchange between Sami and Scott D’Amore is a joy to watch, and it makes it clear that this show is full of curse words. I don’t mind it at all, but keep in mind that this is definitely not a kid-friendly program.

Clocking in at 30 minutes and some change, this premiere episode of Callihan Uncensored is mainly focused on two things: an interview with Rosemary, and a match between AR Fox and Rey Fenix in Wrestling Revolver — Sami Callihan’s wrestling promotion.

The Rosemary interview is entertaining and interesting, and the wrestling match is short and sweet. You’ll also get some impromptu backstage interactions with talent where curse words are plentiful, making it feel like IMPACT might be the one to bring back the Attitude Era to some degree.

The IMPACT Plus logo is on the graphics throughout the episode and the streaming service is referenced by Sami and Scott D’Amore. Strangely, this show is also available on IMPACT Plus, making me wonder if all of the other original shows are going to be on both platforms too. If so, then the benefit of subscribing to IMPACT’s premium YouTube service is diminished for those already paying for IMPACT Plus.

In the end, the first episode of Callihan Uncensored was satisfying. It didn’t blow me away, but it made me laugh, smile, and held my interest. I look forward to future episodes of this show, as well as the other original shows that are on the horizon. Thumbs down, thumbs up!

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