Book Update: Chris Bey & Rob Feinstein

This week I interviewed former X Division Champion Chris Bey and Ring of Honor founder Rob Feinstein for my book about the history of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. Both were excellent discussions that covered a wide range of topics.

I spoke with Chris Bey about his time in IMPACT Wrestling so far, including winning the X Division Championship, participating in an Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary, diversity in wrestling, and mental health, among other topics. He’s an incredibly kind and talented guy, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with this rising star.

Rob Feinstein is the founder of Ring of Honor and RF Video. Him and I spoke about the inception of Ring of Honor, some of the top talent that wrestled in both Ring of Honor and TNA, Bob Ryder, and more. We also talked at length about the misinformation surrounding the incident that led to him being ousted from Ring of Honor, making this the first time he’s ever gone into such great detail about such a challenging time in his life. I’m eternally grateful that Rob trusted me enough to open up like this, and it was a pleasure speaking with him. I look forward to providing you with his fascinating story in my book.

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