Icons Of Wrestling: December 17, 2022

Photo by George Tahinos

Yesterday, I stopped by the Icons of Wrestling convention at the ECW Arena (a.k.a. 2300 Arena) to meet several of the people I interviewed for my book about the first 20 years of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling and to secure additional interviews for my project. Read on for more details.

I bought a ticket for Icons of Wrestling for one reason: to meet Marc Mero. I have interviewed Marc twice: once for my website, which you can read here, and another time for my book about the first 20 years of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. Unfortunately, there was an issue with the vendor who arranged for Marc to be at the convention and Marc contracted COVID a few days before the show, so he was unable to attend. However, I was told that he will be appearing at Icons of Wrestling in March, so I look forward to that.

Photo by George Tahinos

Since I had already bought my ticket, I decided to make the most of an unfortunate situation and attend the pro wrestling convention anyway. I’m glad I did because I had the opportunity to finally meet several of the people I interviewed for my book, including James Mitchell, Angelina Love, Rhyno, and others. I also got to catch up with those I’ve met before who I interviewed for my project, including Ace Austin, Chris Bey, Johnny Swinger, and Shane Douglas. I always enjoy speaking with Shane Douglas; he’s one of the smartest and most fascinating people on the planet, and we always have the best conversations.

So, who did I ask to do an interview with me for my book? You’ll have to wait and see. I was shocked by those who said “Yes,” especially one person in particular. But like anything in life, I’ll believe it once the interviews have taken place. This week, I’m being interviewed for a podcast about my TNA/IMPACT Wrestling book, and I plan on providing an update on the project in the new year. Until then, Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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