What would you title your autobiography?

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Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?” I don’t like that question because I think it’s too difficult to answer accurately, and I don’t think the answer is compelling. Instead, I’ve modified it to: What would you title your autobiography? That’s a far better question, easier to answer, and makes for a more readable post. Below is my answer to this question, and don’t forget to let me know yours.

I love reading autobiographies because I always see myself in them. The best stories are ones we can relate to; we imagine ourselves in the shoes of the person telling the story and say to ourselves, “What would I do in that situation?” Autobiographies not only tell universal stories but also reveal a window into the author’s soul.

This brings us to the question of the hour: what would I title my autobiography? I recently shared a Bloganuary post where I talked about how the Neil Diamond song “Hell Yeah” spoke to me, and I even included an a recording of the song by yours truly. That song spoke to me because it’s about being happy and proud of the life you’ve led. I wouldn’t call my autobiography Hell Yeah. However, I would call it The Story of My Life, another Neil Diamond song. It’s clear and leaves nothing to the imagination. I like that.

How about you? What would you title your autobiography? Would it be something cryptic? Would you go for a humorous title? Share your thoughts with me, and continue writing the next chapter in your life. I firmly believe that one chapter leads to the next and that you can’t have future chapters without the ones that preceded them. Enjoy every chapter of the story of your life, and may you be happy and proud of the life you’ve led when your autobiography is complete.

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