Book Review: Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand by Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Scottoline released a new short story, Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand. Published by Amazon Original Stories, I devoured the audiobook version of this title in one day. If you’re an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited member, you can read and listen to this book for free. If you are not, the price for the Kindle and Audible version is money well spent. Below is my review of Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand by Lisa Scottoline. Enjoy!

Publisher’s Summary

In this emotional short story by number one bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, one man’s past drives him to take a stand against his neighborhood’s criminal underbelly, whatever the personal cost.

When amiable Italian immigrant Pigeon Tony discovers that local drug dealers are pressuring his young neighbor into joining their ranks, he resolves to put an end to the crime wave before it can take over the community. Pigeon Tony knows the law isn’t always on the right side, but it takes only one person to rally a revolution.

Lisa Scottoline’s Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand is part of We Could Be Heroes, a darkly inquisitive collection of short stories that examines heroic intentions versus their real-life consequences. Read or listen to each in a single sitting.

My Thoughts

Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand is a refreshing short story from one of the most gifted writers you will ever encounter. It’s nice to read a short story where she delves back into the colorful world of Italian South Philly life that made her famous. I write this as an Italian in South Philly, mind you, so I can attest to the charm and authenticity of her writing.

This captivating tale deals with family, ageism, drugs, and neighbors coming together to rally against a cancerous infestation that’s poisoning their community. Lisa’s ability to write about universal themes and develop fully realized characters immediately immerses the reader into her exquisitely crafted stories.

Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand is a funny, heartwarming visit with old friends from Lisa’s literary universe. I hope it’s a precursor of what’s to come because no one writes these books better than Lisa. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Lisa Scottoline’s work or have never read her, you can’t go wrong with Pigeon Tony’s Last Stand. The audiobook narration by Edoardo Ballerini is delightful, and the prose is unparalleled in its quality. Lisa Scottoline continues to dazzle, shining her bright light of positivity when the world needs it most.

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