Scribd: The World’s Largest Digital Library

Scribd is the world’s largest digital library. Audiobooks, eBooks, podcasts, magazines, and more — all in one subscription. Even better, you can read for free for 30 days by taking advantage of the free trial offer afforded to new subscribers. I subscribe to Scribd, and I use it all the time, devouring a wide array of audiobooks. You might be asking, “What’s the difference between Scribd, Audible, and Kindle Unlimited?” Read on for more details, and make sure to take advantage of the free trial that Scribd offers to see the differences for yourself.

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Kindle Daily Deal — The Ultimate Retirement Guide by Suze Orman

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is one of my favorite books: The Ultimate Retirement Guide For 50+ by Suze Orman. Read my review, check out the publisher’s summary below, and buy a copy on Amazon before this sale ends.

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Amazon Kindle Will Support EPUB Books, Abandoning MOBI Format

Kindle Paperwhite

This morning, I received an email from Amazon saying that the Kindle will no longer support MOBI books because, after 15 years of refusing to do so, they are embracing the EPUB book format. Read on for the full email from Amazon with all the details, including when this change goes into effect.

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Book Review — To Be Determined: Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times

Brenda Kline Reynolds is the President of BKR Consulting. With 30 years of experience, Brenda helps executives find clarity in challenging times. I’m happy to say that I’m one of those executives. Over the past month or so, I’ve had the opportunity to work with her, and I think she’s exceptional. I recently read her book, To Be Determined: Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times, and it’s brimming with useful advice and strategies for executives of all ages and levels within an organization. Read on for my full thoughts on this book.

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My Year In Books: 2021

I read a lot in 2021, more than I’ve ever read in a single year. To be exact, I read 63 books, shattering my goal of reading 30 books by 210%! I read physical books, ebooks, and, my favorite, audiobooks. Whether it was tales of truth or fiction, I dove into a diverse array of genres, covering 12,151 pages along the way. So, what books did I curl up with in 2021? Keep reading to find out.

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The Da Vinci Code – Free Until March 24

Inferno & The Da Vinci CodeThis week marks the 10th anniversary of Dan Brown’s most famous novel, The Da Vinci Code. To celebrate, the book’s publisher is allowing anyone to download the entire e-book for free between March 17-24. This free e-book also contains an excerpt from Brown’s upcoming Robert Langdon novel, Inferno. This is a brilliant way to promote a new book and a golden opportunity to snap up an engaging thriller for free. Take advantage while you can.