Book Review: The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe

Last night, I finished listening to the audiobook version of The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe, narrated by the author, on Scribd. Below is my review of this book. Enjoy!

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Spotify Audiobooks Now Available

Starting today, Spotify listeners in the U.S. will be able to purchase and listen to more than 300,000 audiobook titles. Below is an interview with Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s Vice President and Global Head of Audiobooks and Gated Content, discussing today’s announcement and the company’s vision for audiobooks in the future.

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Audiobook Review: A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston

Back in 2016, Bryan Cranston was on a book tour for his new memoir, A Life in Parts, and my wife and I went to see him speak at the Free Library of Philadelphia. We left with an autographed copy of his book, but I only just got around to reading it; and rather than read it myself, I chose to have the author, Bryan Cranston, read it to me by listening to the audiobook. Read on for my review of A Life in Parts.

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Give The Gift of Audible

Have a book lover in your life who says they are too busy to read? Give them the gift of Audible! I listen to Audible audiobooks every day, while I’m doing chores, driving, or walking. Audiobooks are a great option for those of us who want to read but don’t always have the time to sit down and do so. They are also a fantastic way to bring text to life through a wonderful performance by an exceptionally talented narrator. Learn more about Audible here.

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Scribd: The World’s Largest Digital Library

Scribd is the world’s largest digital library. Audiobooks, eBooks, podcasts, magazines, and more — all in one subscription. Even better, you can read for free for 30 days by taking advantage of the free trial offer afforded to new subscribers. I subscribe to Scribd, and I use it all the time, devouring a wide array of audiobooks. You might be asking, “What’s the difference between Scribd, Audible, and Kindle Unlimited?” Read on for more details, and make sure to take advantage of the free trial that Scribd offers to see the differences for yourself.

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Book Review — 24/6: The Power Of Unplugging One Day A Week

I recently listened to the audiobook 24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week by Tiffany Shlain. Read on for my thoughts on this intriguing book.

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