Book Update: Jason Hervey, D’Lo Brown, Deonna Purrazzo, Eddie Edwards, and More!

Over the past week, I’ve interviewed a slew of people who played an incredibly important role in the history of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling for my books about the company’s history. One of those people is Jason Hervey, who you may know best for his starring role in The Wonder Years. Jason was a phenomenal interview. We talked about the early days of TNA, when he was working with HealthSouth, the wrestling promotion’s original financial baker, how he joined TNA in 2010, alongside Hulk Hogan and his former business partner, Eric Bischoff, and much more. Other topics discussed include his thoughts on Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, lawsuits he was involved in with HealthSouth and TNA, and Aces & Eights, just to name a few. I was very impressed by Jason’s honesty and respect and admiration for those he’s worked with over the years.

I also had the opportunity to interview D’Lo Brown! We talked about his current stellar role as color commentator for IMPACT Wrestling, what it’s like being an agent for the company, life on the road doing house show loops, Don West, Brian Hebner, Matt Striker, and more. D’Lo was a fountain of knowledge and interesting insights. Getting his thoughts on the Knockouts, tag teams, and the X Division, among other things, was a real treat.

Deonna Purrazzo is the Knockouts Champion in IMPACT Wrestling, and she’s one of the greatest female competitors on the planet. Speaking with Deonna about her journey to the company, the trail she has blazed, and the memorable moments she’s attained over this past year was wonderful. I also appreciated having the chance to speak with Deonna about her Italian heritage and how it plays a role in who she is as a wrestler.

Eddie Edwards is the heart and soul of IMPACT Wrestling. He’s a mainstay that fans love and respect. Picking his brain about the impressive career Eddie has garnered during his time with IMPACT Wrestling was tremendous. Not only was Eddie in a killer tag team with The Wolves, he’s also one of the greatest singles competitors of his generation. Definitely one of the best interviews I’ve done, and I’m honored to have had the chance to speak with Eddie Edwards.

Jazz is a badass. Not only does she have a killer look and a resume that’s a mile long, but she can still go. As part of her farewell tour, if you will, Jazz has been in IMPACT Wrestling for the past few months, providing fans with her hard-hitting style, both in solo matches and alongside Jordynne Grace in tag team action. Getting Jazz’s insights on her legendary career and time in IMPACT Wrestling before she hangs up her boots was an experience I won’t forget.

Daffney is one of the most memorable TNA Knockouts. She was a fixture during the golden era of the company and ahead of her time. Her and I spoke about various storylines, key figures within the company, and, of course, her workers’ compensation claim against TNA. It was a heartfelt, emotional conversation. Daffney is a kind soul and a genuine person. Her story deserves to be told, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to do so.

Pope, also known as D’Angelo Dinero, also known as Elijah Burke, is one of the greatest talents of his generation. Right now, Pope is killing it in NWA, laying down incredible promos followed up by even better matches. I firmly believe that he should have been an even bigger star in TNA. Him and I explored this in our discussion, as well as his favorite moments and those he wasn’t fond of. We also talked about his time as a commentator, his thoughts on Dixie Carter, and more. A super positive guy who is filled with boundless talent.

Cody Deaner is a cool dude. He was around during the height of TNA’s popularity, and now he’s back in the company in a whole new role. Hearing this intelligent, soft-spoken guy share incredible insights with me about the company, the business in general, and his character, was excellent. I’ve got even more respect for him after our interview, and I’m looking forward to including his commentary in both of my books.

Josh Alexander is one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world today, not to mention a massive star on the rise in IMPACT Wrestling. We discussed his admiration for Kurt Angle, being a stellar tag team competitor, enjoying a solo run, his hopes and desires for the future, and much more. Another exceptional interview I’m grateful to have secured.

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