Book Update: Andy Barton, Brian Diamond & Challenge TV

I’ve got a big book update! Not only have I written about 200 pages, but I just conducted some big-time interviews: Andy Barton, Brian Diamond, and the team from Challenge TV.

I interviewed former TNA Executive Vice President, Andy Barton, who was Dixie Carter’s right-hand man both at Trifecta Entertainment (her former PR agency) and at TNA. Andy worked for TNA from its founding in 2002 through 2015, so he had some incredible insights and stories to share. Like Keith Mitchell, I was the first person ever to interview Andy Barton. It was a huge honor.

I also spoke with Brian Diamond, the former Senior Vice President of Sports and Specials at Spike TV. Brian, as with all of the nearly 10 people I’ve interviewed at Spike, was a pleasure. We covered all of the big topics, and I’m certain that his commentary will be a great addition to my book.

Last, but definitely not least, I interviewed three executives from Challenge TV, the television network where TNA experienced its highest ratings ever in the UK, oftentimes beating out WWE programming. They were a delight, and it was really interesting to compare and contrast Challenge TV with Spike TV and TNA’s popularity in the UK to its success in the US. There will definitely be an entire chapter, or more, dedicated to TNA in the UK because the company was massively successful there.

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