I’m In Pro Wrestling Illustrated!

On April 26, Scott Fishman, a well-respected pro wrestling journalist, reached out to me, asking if I’d provide him with a quote for a story he was working on for Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) about the 20th anniversary of IMPACT Wrestling. I was blown away by this request because I grew up buying and reading PWI (which I still do), and it’s widely considered the greatest publication in the history of the industry. Nearly two months later, the October 2022 issue of PWI including Scott’s IMPACT article is now available. How is it, how much of my quote made the cut, and how can you get your hands on a copy? Read on for all those answers and more.

I was sitting poolside at Sandals in the Bahamas with my wife when I happened to check Twitter. Numerous notifications caught my eye, so I tapped the bell icon to find out that Scott Fishman’s article was now live in the digital version of PWI! According to his tweet, I was quoted alongside TNA/IMPACT founder, Jeff Jarrett, the woman who established TNA’s Knockouts Division, Gail Kim, current Executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling, Scott D’Amore, and Chris Sabin: one-half of the greatest TNA tag team of all time, a former TNA World Champion, an X Division legend, and a current producer for the company. It was all these legends, who currently (or previously) worked for TNA/IMPACT, and me. Of all the industry experts, historians, and journalists on the planet, they chose me. I’m still astounded by this and incredibly honored.

When I opened up my digital copy of PWI to read the article, I nearly fell off my chair. I’m the lead quote in the article! I’m the third and fourth paragraph of this article, ahead of Jeff Jarrett. In my opinion, Jeff Jarrett is the single most important person in the history of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. Without Jeff, there’d be nothing to celebrate because the company wouldn’t exist. The fact that I’m ahead of him is just about the biggest compliment I can get when it comes to how I’m viewed by the gold standard of professional wrestling journalism: PWI. I guess you could say I’m the real “King of the Mountain,” right, Jeff? I’m just kidding, of course. Jeff is and always will be the man when it comes to TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. More importantly, he’s a wonderful human being. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff in-person and he’s just as delightful in real life.

Here’s my full quote:

“TNA/IMPACT Wrestling wouldn’t exist without Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, and Scott D’Amore. All three contributed or bore witness to the rise, fall, and revival of this promotion,” said Michael Cavacini, historian and author of a forthcoming book about the first 20 years of IMPACT.

“The X division redefined professional wrestling and is the single most influential contribution to the industry within the past 20 years,” Cavacini boldly adds. “And the real women’s revolution in wrestling started at Bound for Glory in 2007, when Gail Kim was crowned the first Knockouts World champion. Every single wrestler and promotion on the planet owes a debt of gratitude to TNA.”

PWI included my entire quote. I sent them a long version, which is what you see above, and a short version. They opted to include the entire quote. I put a lot of thought into these words. I wanted to give credit where credit is due, as it relates to the three most important people in the company’s history, as well as to the influence TNA Wrestling has had on the professional wrestling industry as a whole. I’m grateful that PWI saw the value in my complete thoughts on the matter.

My quote is just one part of this beautifully written tribute to 20 years of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. I implore you to buy a digital and physical copy of the October issue of PWI, so you can read this full piece for yourself, as well as the other fantastic articles contained within. While you’re at it, save yourself some money and subscribe to PWI. It’s the best pro wrestling news and analysis on the planet.

Seeing my name and the words “historian and author of a forthcoming book about the first 20 years of IMPACT” legitimized me in a way I can’t describe. It made the solitary act of writing my book that much more real because it’s not just on my website anymore, it’s in a magazine I grew up reading as a child. This brings me an immense amount of joy and pride. Thank you Pro Wrestling Illustrated for believing in my work and granting me this tremendous opportunity.

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