KISS Rare 1974 Bandit Makeup Concert Footage

On January 26, 1974, KISS performed at the Academy of Music in New York City. At this show, Paul Stanley wore his short-lived bandit makeup. Below is rare footage from this concert.

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KISS Rare 1976 Anaheim Concert

On August 20, 1976, KISS performed in Anaheim, California. Below is a rare video of this concert. Enjoy!

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KISS Rare 1992 Revenge Tour Pro-Shot Concert

On October 18, 1992, KISS performed a show in Largo, Maryland as part of the band’s Revenge Tour. Below is a rare pro-shot video of this concert.

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KISS: Rare Asylum Pro-Shot Concert

For years, KISS fans have asked if a pro-shot video from the band’s Asylum Tour existed. Well, it does and you can watch it below.

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KISS Rare 1975 Dressed To Kill Tour Clip: New York City

On March 31, 1975, KISS performed the third show of its Dressed To Kill Tour at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. Below is a rare clip from this concert.

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Journey’s Jonathan Cain Releases New Album: Arise

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Journey band member Jonathan Cain releases his solo studio album, Arise, today (May 27) from Identity Records with The Fuel Music distribution. Resonating with joy and a profound sense of God’s power and grace, the recording offers a wake-up call to the Church and is this iconic artist’s sixth faith-inspired, full-length project since 2016. As with all of Jon’s music, this album is spectacular. Read on for more details, including a couple music videos from his new album, Arise.

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A Conversation With Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley

I recently took part in an interview with Paul Stanley, the lead singer of KISS. Below are his thoughts on a variety of topics that were covered during the interview.

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Review: Hot ‘n Sticky Live by Michael Des Barres

Michael Des Barres - Hot 'n StickyRaspy rocker Michael Des Barres just released Hot ‘n Sticky Live, an album showcasing a blistering performance he gave at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. In addition to tracks from Des Barres’ excellent studio recording, Carnaby Street, this live album includes interpretations of classic rock and pop songs, as well as material from the singer’s previous musical endeavors. It’s an all-killer-no-filler affair that’s short, sweet and packs a punch. The band is tight and Des Barres’ soulful vocals bring the infectious melodies to life in a way that’ll have you singing the songs long after they’ve stopped playing. In a day and age where popular music is overproduced and underdeveloped, Hot ‘n Sticky Live is a raw and gritty reminder that rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well.

You can buy the album here

For your listening pleasure, below are a three of my favorite songs from the album:



Michael Des Barres: Rock N’ Roll Santa

Michael Des Barres, the raspy rocker known for the amazing Carnaby Street, just released a fun, infectious Christmas song: “Rock N’ Roll Santa.” Unlike the countless covers of traditional Christmas songs that will, no doubt, put you to sleep, this is an original tune about Santa losing weight. Yes, you read that right; Santa’s sporting a svelte figure in this song. If you’re looking for a short, sweet, catchy rock song to kick off the holiday season, I suggest you check out “Rock N’ Roll Santa.” And since this is the season of giving, a portion of the proceeds from this song go to support Little Kids Rock, a wonderful foundation dedicated to restoring and revitalizing music education programs in U.S. public schools.

If you’re not sold on downloading the song, check it out for yourself below.

KISS: Monster


This week KISS released its 20th studio album, Monster. As expected, it’s filled with the signature sound the band is known for – memorable guitar riffs, thunderous drums, funky bass, and unforgettable lyrics. Below are two tracks from the album: The lead single, “Hell or Hallelujah,” and my favorite, “All for the Love of Rock & Roll.”