The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story

Originally released in 2017, The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story is an award-winning documentary about an independent wrestler trying to make it to WWE. It’s an underdog story about a regular guy from New Jersey trying to make it to the big-time. While I didn’t know anything about Q.T. Marshall prior to watching this documentary, his name was vaguely familiar. In a world filled with wrestling documentaries, including 350 Days, Nail In The Coffin, You Cannot Kill David Arquette, and The Resurrection of Jake the Snake, is this one worth watching? Read on for my thoughts.

Overall, The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story was highly enjoyable. Clocking in at an hour and 12 minutes, this documentary doesn’t overstay its welcome. Considering it’s focused on a wrestler many people don’t know, that’s a good thing. One of the most interesting aspects of the film is that it features two current-day WWE Superstars: Riddle and Damian Priest. Getting the chance to see them when they were still independent wrestlers trying to climb the ladder to WWE is pretty cool.

Me, sitting where Q.T. Marshall sat in the studio at MONTCO Radio, taking part in an episode of The KISS Room.

I was also delighted to see two of my friends interviewing Q.T. during an interview segment in the movie that took place at beautiful Montgomery County Community College, here in Pennsylvania. Seeing Matt Porter and Cameron Hall interview Q.T., who was sitting in the same seat where I’ve sat numerous times for the very same program, as well as for The KISS Room, was pretty cool!

One of the most intriguing moments in this movie is when Q.T. is having a discussion with his wife and mother during dinner about his future. I could see the stress and conflicted feelings on his face about what to do next and how his decision would affect him, as well as his loved ones. These moments of emotional turmoil are what makes this documentary relatable and entertaining; it’s why I found myself both curious and concerned about Q.T.’s future.

As of this writing, you can buy the DVD of The Wrestler: A Q.T. Marshall Story, if you’d like to watch it, and I encourage you to do so. It’s a well-told and well-produced underdog story about a guy everyone can relate to who is trying to live the dream. Does he eventually grab that brass ring? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

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