Audiobook Review: The Atkins 100 Eating Solution

The Atkins 100 Eating Solution: Easy, Low-Carb Living for Everyday Wellness is the latest official book from Atkins about the low-carb lifestyle first brought to the masses 50 years ago by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. The author, Colette Heimowitz, is vice president of nutrition and education at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. She has more than 25 years of experience as a nutritionist and received her MSc in clinical nutrition from Hunter College of the City University of New York. Moreover, Colette worked alongside Dr. Atkins at his clinical practice in New York, helping thousands of patients. With so many Atkins books available, how does this one stack up? Read on for my thoughts.

Publisher’s Summary

From the creators of the original ketogenic, low-carb diet, comes the most accessible and flexible approach to the Atkins diet ever: a simplified lower carb and sugar approach based on solid science.

The latest science continues to support the many health benefits of a low-carb approach to eating, far beyond just weight loss. Simply reducing your carb and sugar intake by two-thirds over the “Standard American Diet” helps avoid the development of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. While many diet trends can be vague in their approach, The Atkins 100Eating Solution’s fan-favorite program provides a clear-cut way to control your carb intake with 100 grams of net carbs a day and shows you how to make delicious and satisfying food choices that lessen their impact on your blood sugar. This personalized approach is a way of eating you can follow for life.

With cutting-edge research and delicious recipes—all of which feature fifteen to twenty net carbs—The Atkins 100 Eating Solution provides an exciting and delicious variety of food. You’ll also discover how the plan can be easily modified to fit in with most ways of eating, including vegetarian, Paleo, Mediterranean and more. For the first time ever, you’ll even learn how to modify each recipe for the Atkins 40 and Atkins 20 program. This guide is easy to use regardless of food preferences, lifestyle, or cooking abilities. This book is not about following fads or suffering for results; it is a sustainable, delicious program for everyday wellness.

My Thoughts

The Atkins 100 Eating Solution: Easy, Low-Carb Living for Everyday Wellness is an excellent introduction to the world of Atkins for a few reasons. One, it provides a terrific overview of how Atkins works, how you can make it work for you, and recipes to get you started. I also really appreciate the low-carb cooking and eating out hacks. Oftentimes, people trying to watch their carb intake can be intimidated by eating out. With the tips in this book, the deck will be stacked in your favor.

I listened to the audiobook version using my Downpour app, and I enjoyed the narrator, Samantha Desz. Her delivery is clear and consistent, and the audio quality is excellent. For reference books such as this one, a narrator shouldn’t be performing the content. Rather, they should be delivering it in the most easily digestible fashion possible, and Desz does just that.

There are three Atkins plans: Atkins 20, Atkins 40, and Atkins 100. This book helps you figure out which one is best for you. Keep in mind that you may fluctuate between them, depending on your needs at any given moment. And that’s the beauty of Atkins: you can make it your own, it enables you to better understand nutrition, and you eat great food along the way.

The foreword by Rob Lowe — who has been doing Atkins since his 30s — sets the tone for what’s to come, and the content written by Colette is informative, educational, and inspiring. Many diets are about deprivation — not Atkins! If you want to give it a spin or simply learn more about this approach to living a low-carb lifestyle, then I highly recommend listening to this audiobook.

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