Best of Bloganuary 2023

In January, I took part in a WordPress challenge called Bloganuary. Every day for 31 days, I received a writing prompt to inspire me to write a post for that day, which I did. During those 31 days, I sang a song for you, wrote a poem, shared childhood memories, offered advice and aspirations, and much more. Below are what I consider to be the best of Bloganuary in no particular order. Thank you to those who read my posts and engaged with them. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this greatest hits retrospective of this fun writing challenge.

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What color describes your personality and why?

red glittered wallpaper
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What color describes your personality and why? We all know that colors have meaning. So, which color best describes who you are and why? Read on for my thoughts on this question, and let me know yours.

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