Best of Bloganuary 2023

In January, I took part in a WordPress challenge called Bloganuary. Every day for 31 days, I received a writing prompt to inspire me to write a post for that day, which I did. During those 31 days, I sang a song for you, wrote a poem, shared childhood memories, offered advice and aspirations, and much more. Below are what I consider to be the best of Bloganuary in no particular order. Thank you to those who read my posts and engaged with them. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this greatest hits retrospective of this fun writing challenge.

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Poem: It’s Just The Rain

clear glass window with moist effect
Photo by Aleksandr Slobodianyk on

Today, as part of Bloganuary, I’m going to share a poem I just wrote about rain called “It’s Just The Rain.” I find rain comforting, especially within the confines of a heated house. How about you? Share your thoughts on my poem below, and let me know what you think of rain.

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