KISS Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach

Last year, KISS launched what can be best described as a line of official live bootleg albums. KISS Army collectors, like myself, have many of these live concerts in audio (and sometimes video) form. Nevertheless, getting an official release means the potential for improved audio quality or an updated mix. This year’s KISS Off The Soundboard archival live concert release is the band’s Virginia Beach show from July 25, 2004, during KISS’ Rock The Nation tour. It comes out this Friday, March 11. How’s the album sound and is it worth buying? Read on for my thoughts.

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Joey Cassata on Wrestling, Music, & Acting

Joey Cassata is a multi-talented artist. He’s a gifted musician, actor, and writer. He wrote Wrestling With Joeylicious, which is the novelization of an upcoming TV series that all wrestling fans will love! I had the chance to interview Joey about this project, as well as his time touring with KISS, being part of a major Broadway production with Josh Groban, and more. Enjoy!

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KISS Celebrates Four Decades Of Dominance With KISS 40

KISS 40What It’s About

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of KISS‘ debut album: KISS. The band is celebrating the occasion in myriad ways, one of which is by releasing the 40-track compilation KISS 40. This set includes one track from every major album release (i.e., studio, Alive and compilations), as well as three live selections from the 2000-era and an unreleased demo from 1977.

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