Movie Review: Relentless

Nearly two years ago I interviewed Diamond Dallas Page, the founder of DDP Yoga (DDPY) and a legend in the professional wrestling industry. It was an amazing discussion that resulted in a series of events: we became friends, I stayed at Dallas’ house for a week a few months later, he taught me DDPY at the largest workshop ever, and I became Philadelphia’s first-ever certified DDPY instructor, among other wonderful opportunities. If you want to get to know Diamond Dallas Page better and learn all about DPPY and why it’s so special, I implore you to watch his newly released documentary, Relentless, which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Leading up to my interview with Dallas, I was sent an advance copy of Relentless. It was fantastic! I eagerly awaited the release of the final version. Over the course of the past two years, the film was updated a few times. I caught typos in some of the text and flagged them for Dallas so his team could make corrections, which they did. Outta nowhere, like his finishing move the Diamond Cutter, the final version of Relentless was released on Amazon Prime Video after Christmas — as if it were a present from Jolly Old Saint Nicholas himself! DDP is a huge Christmas fan, so this isn’t surprising. In a year filled with negativity and despair, the release of Relentless is the healthy dose of positivity and inspiration everyone needs to fill us with hope as we head into the new year.

I watched the final version of Relentless yesterday, and — wow! — it is absolutely perfect! Since 2018, Dallas and his team have included more content to this film from 2019 and 2020, and they’ve added a level of polish that makes it shine like the diamond it is. Clocking in at just 62 minutes, this documentary packs a punch. It’s short and sweet but filled with all of the essential information you need to know about what makes DDP tick and why he inspires millions of people the world over. You owe it to yourself to watch Relentless, and right now it’s free to watch on Amazon Prime Video, so you’ve got no excuses. Give yourself permission to be inspired! This documentary will blow you away and give you a greater respect for the man who made it possible: Diamond Dallas Page. Bang!

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